Choosing Between Perm Hairstyles For Different Hair Styles

There are countless ways to wear your perm hairstyles. It’s best to know which perm hairstyles suit your face and hair, since some work better on some people than others. For example, a perm hairstyle for long hair might look great on you, but it could fail horribly on someone with thin or short hair. perm hairstyles long hair There are many perm hairstyles for long hair, which you might want to try out before committing to one. These are:

  • French twist: This one is a great way of getting your perm hairstyles for long hair. You simply take two sections of your hair, about one inch from the base of your head, and twist them in the direction of your natural curls. Now there are different methods of twisting your hair, but French means “in the same direction”. So if your hair was naturally wavy, then French twists would be a great way of changing its shape.
  • Bobsled: Bobsled perm hairstyles are also great for those who wish to have messy styling options, without a lot of hassle. You take a section of hair from the back of your head, about one inch from the roots, and put it into a ring, with the roots touching the base of your head. Now twist this section of hair into a coil, while leaving a gap between each section. You can even tuck the gap between your Bobsled section into the centre of your head, to create waves. The advantage of bob perm hairstyles is that they give you volume, without having to resort to messy styling tools like curling irons.
  • Wavy perm hairstyles: If you would like your perm to give waves, rather than curls, then this is the perm hairstyle for you. This look consists of permed hair, with curls gently layered over it. To achieve this look, take a section of hair from the back of the head, about one inch away from the roots, curl it into a ring, with the roots touching the base of the head. Then, simply twist this section of hair into a loose coil, while leaving a gap between each curl.
perm hairstyles

Other Style Options

Haircuts with an undercut are also very popular. An undercut perm hairstyle is similar to the bob haircut, but the roots are placed far enough away from the scalp so that it appears as if the hair was cropped. Perms with an undercut are a simple, classy hairstyle that looks great with a variety of haircuts and styles. This cut is best suited for those with straight, wavy, or curly hair, as the style helps to tame any unruly tendencies.

Long, straight locks with waves are also simple to do, and they can be styled in numerous ways. These long, straight locks can be permed with bangs that are just off-centre, or they can have waves that start small and slowly grow larger as they curl further towards the front of the head. If you have thin hair, you may want to perm your hair straight, to give the appearance of thickness, but if you have thick, full hair, you may consider perming your hair with waves, since this can add a lot of volume without the need for thickening treatments.

Another perm hairstyle option that is simple and easy to do a short taper fade. This is a perfect perm hairstyle for those with fine, medium, or long hair. With a short taper fade, all the hair has been permed just around the ears, leaving the rest of the hair free and straight. You can use a curling iron to make this style look attractive, or if you are looking for something a little more subtle, take a few strands of your hair and secure them in braids on either side, framing the taper. This will make a very nice layered look that works well for both casual and formal occasions.

If you have quite a few layers on your hair, or you just want to give your hair some volume and body, perm hairstyles for longer locks are an excellent way to achieve this. With longer hair, it is easy to go from a simple and casual perm to a fancy up-do, because with a perm haircut, all the hair has been permed at the roots. Perms can be done to any length, but they tend to look best on medium and short hair. For those with very long hair, a perm can be worn down, but a perm hairstyle for long hair can also be permed in the mid-length, with the ends curled, to create a softer look.